Eco Beasts was born from the bellies of passionate educators working in schools across Bangkok.

Growing movements across the globe of youth led action changing public perspectives and demanding policy reform have inspired our own journey.

The natural world is in crisis, the younger generations are aware its their future and have the creativity, drive and passion to make change.

Its our job to nurture and facilitate that. Bangkok is a sprawling metropolis, in the world of sustainability there is much work to be done.

Amidst the pollution and plastic waves, there is a bubbling community of individuals, grassroots projects and innovative companies working on inspiring change.

Connection is now needed. Eco Beasts unite. May the Journey Commence.


This site aims to connect everyone within the EcoBeast community, helping driving action, ideas and movements forward.

Visit our Blog to see news about current projects and initiatives, look out for requests for support from our partners.

Visit our School’s Platform and click on the logos to keep updated on the action thats taking place in schools.

Visit our Sustainability Project Platform, click on the logos and learn about forward thinking initiatives happening around the city.

Educate yourself, spread awareness and get involved in some positive action.