The group comprises fairly young professionals and not necessarily only misty eyed tree-huggers. Many are designers, architects and lawyers. Almost all are Thais. On weekends, they get together and go on a cycle tour of areas in the city, visiting landmark old trees in parks, Buddhist temples, universities and sprawling diplomatic compounds as well as to answer calls by residents alerting them to attempts to cut down trees.

The Big Trees Project is an environmental volunteer and advocacy group that works with communities, government agencies as well the private sector and other civic groups to promote awareness and activities that help preserve public green spaces in Bangkok and beyond. We communicate with the public through social media, as well as organized participatory conservation programs so that volunteers and local communities can join hands to protect public green spaces through sustainable management practices. Our main focus and symbol is large trees whose survival depend on the quality of the green spaces where they are found and how active the surrounding communities are. We also work closely with government agencies and local municipalities to ensure that they engage the public in their conservation efforts. Our many activities are open to all such as the project to develop 60 public parks in Thailand , development of urban tree care as a profession, Love Bangkachao project, organic farming and educational programs for school children such as tree climbing and green school outings.

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