Permaculture Institute Thailand (PIT) is an educational, farming, hosting, institution based in Thailand. Our core goal here at PIT is to train our community in the practices of regenerative ecologically-integrated living and farming. We hope to inspire as many people in our community as possible to live sustainability and become sustainable farmers, whether they be home farmers or commercial farmers. We see farming as essential to the fabric of Thailand and the rural and urban ecological web. It is a way of providing healthy food to communities, regenerating neglected farm and urban land, providing a space for grounding & connection, and empowering oppressed and depressed communities. As part of this goal, we accept interns into our program who are determined to learn how to become eco-farmers for the benefit of their community. Our farm internship program is for those who are truly invested in the idea of rural and urban farming, ecological stewardship, community empowerment, and social justice. Interns must commit to a minimum time period, working and learning at the Institutes farm.

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