Here is what we have been up to at St. John Mary International School!

This past January, SJMIS proudly launched its “Recycling and Eco-Sustainability program”.  On January 10, Teacher Fred took a small group of Grade 5 and Grade 6 students to a community action day in Bangkok with other international schools.  They participated in workshops thinking of ways to make their schools more “eco friendly”.

Three weeks later, they held a school-wide assembly where they taught students and teachers about climate change, recycling and how our actions as individuals and and as a school can make a positive impact.  

From Feb 11-Mar 11, the Elementary School has conducted a “Homeroom recycling challenge” in which each homeroom collected plastic bottles,paper, aluminum cans and glass bottles.  Over four weeks, the school collected and recycled over 235 kg (518lbs) of material! The program has been an exciting and eye opening experience for the SJMIS community. On one hand, we have seen how the spirit of competition can inspire us to do great work.  On the other, we have seen how challenging it is to (a) spread this message to our larger community and (b) connect with recycling companies in our area.

We look forward to sharing more about our progress as our program grows. Our hopes include starting a student club, creating a raised-bed vegetable garden from eco bricks and cement and selling reusable products like bamboo straws in our school store!

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