Eco-School Action Plan

Pupils need to take the lead in developing the Action Plan

Harrow Global Eco Committee  

Date Action Plan was developed: ____________________
Action Plan developed by: __________________________

Topic Action Target/Measure
WASTE To place recycling bins in each classroom To have recycling bins for paper, plastic, glass in each corridor To establish which binsTo gather and distributeTo ensure they are used
WASTE To have each classroom complete a reduce/reuse/recycle series of lessons To set an eco fortnightTo plan and develop activities which year groups can do to learnTo set a questionnaire about this
WASTE To reduce the amount of paper used by staff Establish how much is usedTalk to staff about how we can reduce paperMonitor the amount of paper used
WASTE To increase the amount of recycled materials sent to charities Speak to teachers about putting materials aside rather than throwing awayEstablish links with local schools/charities who would like additional suppliesKeep records of what we send
ENERGY To ensure lights and computers are turned off when not in use Establish monitors who track whether lights are on or offCreate posters for each classroom/corridorEstablish half termly Energy champions
ENERGY To turn off AC when not in use As with lights but AC focus
ENERGY To read the school’s energy meters Discuss with MR and TC about looking at the energy metersTrack energy consumption and share with Junior children
ENERGY To ensure all pupils know of renewable energies To begin to discuss if any renewable energy can be used at school As part of Eco Fortnight, have children learn about renewable energies and how these help our planetTo speak with MR, EH and TC about whether renewable energies can be used at Harrow – if so, where?
BIO-Diversity To establish the Nature Garden for all children Have every child made aware of the nature garden and its purpose
BIO-Diversity To complete wildlife surveys To decide why we are looking for wildlife and which wildlifeTo assign year groups the task of completing the surveys
BIO-Diversity To grow plants and vegetables in school To establish Raised Beds in the nature areasTo work with Grounds staff/gardeners to plant different plants and vegetables
BIO-Diversity To ensure all students are aware of what bio-diversity is Through science lessons establish the term ‘bio-diversity’ and ensure children know what it means
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