the community action beehive

This open source resource empowers the ecobeast community with localised links to live a greener life in our city.


what is the beehive?


Beehive symbolizes community, brightness and personal power, while honeycomb is said to be the perfect place for bees to raise their young.

Eco Beasts community beehive is a visualization of a joint effort between Eco Beasts and local communities to inspire sustainable action in Thailand.

The beehive is divided into 6 sections which represent the 6 R’s of sustainability use the drop down menu here to learn what they represent.

Each QR code on the honeycombs link you to a localised resource you can access to live a greener life.

This beehive is available to EcoBeast registered schools and our partners to display as they please empowering their community.

We want this resource to grow, supporting new resources as they pop up around Bangkok. Use the contact form below to highlight any you discover. Monthly updates will be emailed to all subscribers keeping everyone up to date.

1. Rethink

The first step is to rethink society and the choice we make as producers and consumers. How can we change systems and habits to create a more sustainable future and contribute to a circular economy?

2. Refuse

Next up is to refuse – saying no to single use items is a powerful way to use your voice as a consumer.

3. Reduce

How can we reduce the impact we have? Buying in bulk, using locally sourced products and reducing meat consumption is a good start.

4. Reuse

Extending the life of products that already exist reduces waste and the impact on the natural world in a big way. Repairing, donating, swapping and preloved purchases are great habits to adopt.

5. Recycle

Making the concious choice to recycle what you can into something new has a powerful impact. Its not always easy to find how you can do this in Bangkok, these links should get you started.

6. rot

Once you have exhausted these steps – its time to explore rot. Any organic waste can be turned into compost, which in turn will grow you more food. This process highlighting the circular economy model at its best. Even condo living can adopt this and our links will show you how.

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