Inspired by Ocean Pollution: Amazing Year 5 Author Alert!

This talented young author has written a fictional book, ‘Bobo’s Adventure’, to promote awareness and conversation about the problems our oceans are facing.

Great to read to your class as a stimulus for discussion.

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We would love to present Bobo’s adventures a touching story inspired by the whale BoBo who was created by the SANG foundation to spread awareness on ocean pollution. Bobo in the french language can be literally translated as ‘pain’.

The story is written from the point of view of BoBo the whale, who is becoming more and more unhappy about all the ‘clear thingies’ that are invading his home. As the story develops we can see how much BoBo appreciates the help of ‘Jonathan’ a human who wants to help BoBo and all the sea creatures keep their habitat free from plastic.

Community Action Day Info


10th January 2019


St Andrews International School 71



Heathfield International School

Charter International School

St Andrews 71

Amnuay Silpa

Trail International School


St Stephens International School

Bromsgrove International School

Shrewsbury International School, City Campus

Shrewsbury International School, Riverside Campus

Harrow International School

Rugby International School

Montessori International School

Regents International School

St Johns International School

Sustainability Projects

Plastic Free NIST

Precious Plastics Bangkok

Trash Hero Bangkok

Permaculture Thailand

Scholars of Sustenance


Love Wildlife

Super Bee Me

Soap Opera

Style Seal

Grin Green

more to be confirmed……….

ECOBEASTS Community Action day 2019





Welcome to the home of ECO Beasts

Bangkok Education for Action on Sustainability Team

On the 10th June 2019 we will be uniting for our first Community Action Day

The event brings together teams of passionate EcoBeasts from 15 international schools and 15 inspiring representatives from sustainability projects.

We will share, educate and collaborate – driving child led action in our schools and communities under the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The time is now, think global, act local.

Watch this space!