Design an EcoBeast

We need an EcoBeast!

Creativity is an amazing thing and we know you all have lots of it. What should our EcoBeast look like? What colours should it have and what should it make people feel when they see it? We challenge each of the schools to run an EcoBeast design competition. Each School can upload 3 entries on this page. Choose your medium, it can be hand drawn using pens, crayons, paint, pencils or a digital creation. In fact there is no rules here, let your imagination run wild.

The closing date for this competition is the February half term holidays. When each school will vote for their favourite (not your own :)).

We cannot wait to see what your creativity will produce!

The entries from STA 71 are in and they are all MONSTROUS!!!

Entry number 1 from STA 71 – This friendly little monster is the perfect EcoBeast
Entry number 2 from STA 71- This Eco Beast can get busy with his 6 helpful arms
Entry number 3 from STA 71 – This cute little eco beast wants to make the world a greener place!

The Beastly Finalists from Harrow!

This leafy beastie loves to be outdoors and to help the environment stay healthy.

Shrewsbury Riverside Finalist are in!

This cool looking beast is all about recycling!
This Eco Beast is dressed to impress!
This colourful Eco Beast has an appetite for plastic!

St Stephen’s has submitted a beastly entry.

This big green beastie is kind and caring and ready to stick up for the planet!
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