Eco bricks

This exciting new iniative is due for launch soon, get in touch to be part of the founding team.

What are eco bricks?

A building block made entirely from unrecyclable plastic.

A powerful tool in repurposing plastic waste and stopping it from ending up in landfill or our ocean.

The Eco Bricks global movement is growing and we are here to support Bangkok’s journey, find out how below.


Trash hero

This Eco Bricks system kicks off through our partnership with Trash Hero Bangkok.

To find out more about this Global movement born in Thailand, skip over to the Trash Hero page in our partners section.

Trash Hero’s weekly community driven clean up events help clear Bangkok of plastic waste and generates lots of single use plastic looking for a home.

So after each clean up, they will pass on the eco brick suitable waste to us.

The system has begun.



Yuka and kana

Eco Bricks may seem simple to make, but to be fit for building purpose they need to meet a certain standard.

Bacteria free, dry plastic, tightly packed without air bubbles. Other wise the brick will start to disintegrate and the building will collapse.

Yuka and Kana are the Eco Beasts resident experts in this field. The pair have ran many workshops delivered with an infecious positive energy. 

We can arrange for a training workshop at your school, project or community by this power team. 

They will leave you with the needed links to enabling you keep your part in this system in operation after the workshop. 



Now its up to you, get busy with your community making the bricks, get everyone involved, creating futher awareness about the problem with plastic.

Skip over to our resource tab to find some teaching resources to help you with this mission.




Bamboo school

Once you have a sizable amount of completed Eco Bricks, send them to us and we will organise bi-monthly shipments to the Bamboo School in Kanchanburi where they will be repurposed into new buildings for residents.

The Bamboo school provides a refuge for children with medical issues or have been orphaned or abandoned.

From street waste to building, the system is complete.

Are you up for this mission? Contact Eco Beasts to get started.


Eco bricks explained

Eco Beasts are proud to share this awesome video from Rio, one of our original Beasts! Thanks Rio, we love your work!

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