What we do

Connecting Schools and the local environmental community through child led action events.

our next event: CAD #3 - Berkley International School








past events

The second Community Action Day (CAD) took place on October the 7th with many schools and organisations coming together with the same goal; to try and prevent further damage to our beloved home.

Education, inspiration and empowerment with Ecobeasts on World Oceans Day:

On the 10th January EcoBeasts had their first meeting. Over 120 students and their eco passionate teachers from 17 Bangkok schools joined forces to learn about and brainstorm how to tackle sustainability issues as a community.

The big blue is close to our hearts at Eco Beast HQ. We wanted to celebrate our ocean’s wonder and raise awareness of the threats it faces.  Read about our World Oceans Day event

Expat Life CAD #1 Article

 bangkok post CAD #1 article