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Hiya EcoBeasts, this is our mates Trash Hero. We love that they build community to tackle the very serious issue of waste in our city and all with positive vibes!
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Bangkok has a serious addiction to plastic. An addiction that the Thai government and key business players seem indifferent in addressing. Today upwards of 25 percent of the world now lives in an area that bans plastic bags completely, including many of Thailand’s neighbours. At Grin Green we believe Thailand must do more to protect, preserve, and restore its unparalleled natural beauty.

 We believe that the infamous Thai joke that the entirety of one’s bundle must be transportable on one finger via a plastic bag, illustrates a broader truth and our central focus at Grin Green; targeting the cultural indifference that allows Bangkok’s addiction of plastic waste to persist unchecked.

Grin Green @ EcoBeast CAD Jan 2019

Who are Grin Green?

Meet our passionate, strong, inspiring members! Get to know us more through our testimonies and inspirations. They are working hard to make sure we are pushing out as many quality events as possible!

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