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We believe collaboration is the key to solving environmental problems. This page will introduce you to the key players in the grassroots Bangkok community. 

Bangkok is a dynamic city, bubbling with inspirational change makers. We strive to connect with them, developing personal relationships to help support thier journey.

Each partner is very different with individual needs, we can offer school liason services for educational workshops, help sell products and develop collaborative relationships.  

Ecobeasts collective teaching careers span 20 years across 6 countries, enabling us to ensure workshops meet curriculum requirements and the schools needs. 

If you are interested in joining this community, get in touch!

our partners

Grin Green

Think Green, Grin Green
Student-based NGO hoping to limit plastics and straws in Thailand!

Trash hero

 Join our weekly community clean ups to inspire change. Every week we clean, we educate, we change.

shark guardian

Shark and marine conservation worldwide through education programs, research projects and exciting diving expeditions


We raise public awareness that plastic waste is now at a critical level and there are alternatives to plastic.

Bangkok Soap Opera

Our mission is to share natural soap & beauty care, through our workshop, we teach the community a new way of being Green & Sustainable.

Precious plastic

Precious Plastic is a community-based plastic recycling solution that uses simple-to-build machines to turn plastic waste into new products!

Barge Program

The barge program is providers of experiential learning programs focusing on the Chao Phraya watershed and other diverse environments of Thailand.


We make innovative and bee-autiful products that replace plastic in your home and on the move, saving our planet each wrap at a time.


It is the ultimate goal of PONSHO to help decrease plastic consumption both in Southeast Asia and the world at large. 

GROW Learning garden

Using the power of permaculture to connect to nature and develop green spaces in our city.

The Home Bkk

The HOME Network is a global enterprise that invites everyone to be a part of.


We partner with businessesgovernment, and communities to change perceptions of food waste to make a real, measurable, practical difference.

Love wildlife foundation

We work hard at educating the younger generations about the importance of wildlife and their connection to the world we all live in.


We believe with the right tools and systems, waste is only a resource waiting to be transformed.

Sonny’s Speciality Products

A family-run business based in Bangkok committed to pollution-free living by producing and marketing earth-friendly products.


We resolve plastic waste problems in a creative way by using “Circular Economy” concept.


GEPP is a platform that provides a pick-up service on demand for recyclables

Swap ’till you drop

Raising awareness about sustainable fashion through community swaps

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 Collaboration is our middle name, if you would like to join the Eco Beast community, drop us a line.