We are busy getting resources ready to be shared and are excited to reveal them very soon!  In the meantime, the following outline will give you an idea of what we have planned!


 Eco Beast Club Introductory Activities


These 12 stand alone lessons are designed to introduce the bigger themes that run through all campaigns and can be referred back to throughout the program.

They have been designed with primary curriculum objectives in mind so are suitable for classroom use too.

• Eco Beast Club Outline
• Our Home – Planet Earth
• The Interdependence of living things
• The Ocean our climate regulator
• What are Fossil Fuels?
• What is Climate Change?
• What is Green Energy?
• The Global Goals
• Your Sphere of Influence
• Eco Beast Ninja Action
• Design and Innovation for the Future
• Mindfulness in Sustainability

 Eco Beast Club outline

This program is designed for after school clubs, to be run by a teacher with access to the school community. Enabling clubs to investigate school systems for meaningful action to take place. 

Each of the 9 Campaigns contain 6 weeks worth of resources; teaching input slides, active learning activities, lesson plans and local resource links – basically everything you need to run the club. At Eco Beasts we truly know how busy teachers are!

The campaigns begin by outlining a global problem, then investigating what is happening locally in Bangkok. Studying local programs that are working on the issue. These partners have helped developed the campaigns and can provide school visits to support.  Next up is finding out what is happening in their school and how they can bring about positive change, before launching a school wide initiative.

The resources are designed to support the learning whilst open ended enough to allow for creativity and suiting each schools individual needs.

Eco Beast club leaders are encouraged to use the following resources in relation to their school action plan, modifying to support their schools journey to becoming greener.

 Eco Beast Campaigns


1 - There is no Away

Eco Beasts will learn about Bangkok waste management and local waste initiatives currently in action. They will then investigate the systems in place at their school and use outside links to improve them.

Action – launch an initiative in school for managing the waste better 

2 - Eco Bricks

Eco Beasts will learn about repurposing waste into EcoBricks – to be used as building bricks by the Bamboo School, Kanchanaburi. They will launch an ongoing campaign at their school, where the community makes the bricks and sends for the rest of the year.

Action – plastic clean up and organise so the community starts collecting Eco Bricks

3 - Meat Free Mondays

Eco Beasts will learn about how intensive animal agriculture affects the natural world. The Beasts will run a campaign to educate the school community and promote the global movement – Meat Free Mondays.

Action – launch a school campaign to support MFM

4 - Fast Fashion

Eco Beasts will learn about responsible consumerism and the circular economy. After investigating where ‘stuff’ comes from and the impact throwaway culture has on the natural world, they will run a swap event for the school community.

Action – organise a clothes swap to highlight issues around fast fashion

5 - Green Spaces

Eco Beasts will learn about growing and caring for plants and the impact they have on our environment. They will then lay the ground for a school eco garden. This campaign will provide club leaders with localised resources to make this happen.

Action – get the community involved in a garden project

6 - Food Waste

Eco Beasts will learn about the global problem of food shortages and waste, they will then investigate how food waste is managed in their school. Through links with local initiatives, they will work with the school to reduce and redistribute the waste generated.

Action – Reduce the amount of food wasted by students in school

7 - Zero Waste

Eco Beasts will learn how to reduce waste by making natural products. They will investigate their communities waste and research alternatives. Eco Beasts will then run a zero waste pop up shop at their school.

Action – show your community how to make their own products

8 - Energy Waste

Eco Beasts will learn about energy consumption, how its produced and the effect on the natural world. They will then investigate energy at their schools and look at ways to reduce the consumption.

Action – Unite the school community in reducing energy waste- set targets to work towards

9 - Air Pollution

Eco Beasts will learn what causes air pollution, specific to Bangkok. They will investigate what is being done locally to help combat the impact and develop awareness among the school community.

Action – Make an awareness video to educate people on the problem and how to help