The beastly plan

So, what goes on the in the world of Eco Beasts?
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What we do

Building Community

At Eco Beasts we believe that collaboration and teamwork are at the heart of driving sustainability. There is no room for ego here.

We aim to connect Bangkok’s school’s through a network of Eco Beast clubs, sharing their journeys with beastly blogs to enable collaborations and drive forward positive action with one powerful voice.

Our facebook page promotes and shares sustainability related events from our partners and positive global news. Helping the whole community grow, flourish and build meaningful actions.

Provide Resources

Our experienced team of educators have been beasting away developing 6 week campaigns for Eco Beast  school clubs. These scientifically current and inquiry based resources provide Eco Beast club leaders with everything they need to educate and inspire their beasts into action.

Spanning 9 areas of sustainability, each of these 6 week packs culminates with direct, child led action taking place to develop the schools green impact and sustainability practices. The Eco Beasts plan of attack also features 12 stand alone lessons covering key environmental issues Beasts need to know about.



connect with wider bangkok

Eco Beasts are proud to work with an inspiring group of change makers in our city.

We link their missions  to the Bangkok school community by facilitating workshops and partnerships. Using their individual expertise to educate students and  teachers, while ensuring they benefit through promotion and sales at our sustainability and well being market.

At Eco Beasts we strive to ensure everyone has something to gain from what we do. There is no ‘i’ in team after all.

Run Events

Head over to our events page to see past events we have collaborated on and developed.

Learn about our journey, read related press and keep up to date on future plans.

The time is now for global action.

Lets start here.

Eco Beasts Unite.


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 Collaboration is our middle name, if you would like to join the Eco Beast community, drop us a line.