The beastly plan

Eco Beasts’ mission has 2 elements-

International Schools and Grassroots Experts

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What do we do?

1. connect international schools

Bangkok has 78 international schools filled with passionate, inspiring teachers, creative, enthusiastic students and knowledgable, caring parents from Thailand and other global locations.

These powerful, dynamic and progressive communities are already doing fantastic things for our planet.

This English speaking community can be limited in accessing Thai resources, we aim to change that.

Eco Beasts supports their individual journeys by connecting teachers, students and parents, to each other and the local community. Aiming to make actions easier and more powerful. Creating one powerful voice across our city.

2. Support Local Grassroots initiatives

The environmental community in Bangkok is bubbling and growing quickly. With exciting sustainable startups, community projects and established projects leading the way to a greener city.

Eco Beasts mission is to share their expertise and support their journey by linking them to each other and schools.

 We strive to develop personal relationships to help us understand their needs and enable us to support them best. We believe supporting grassroots iniatives is how to change our society bottom up. 

Pop over to our partners page to learn about them and the important work they do.


how do we do this?

Build Community

We aim to act as connectors.

Making schools and our partners green journeys’ easier.

Our facebook page promotes  sustainability events from the community.

Helping actions grow and flourish to maximise impact city wide.

run events

 We organise child centred, action based events in Ecobeast partner schools – bringing together the whole community.

Head over to our events page for articles and videos on past events.

The time is now for global action.

Lets start here.

Harness the power of experts

We work with our partners to deliver educationally rich, place based learning workshops and teacher training. 

Enabling the grassroots community to share experise, provide green services to school communities and create revenue to grow. 

Power is in working together.



get in touch 

 Collaboration is our middle name, if you would like to join the Eco Beast community, drop us a line.